Mosque carpet price

The mosque carpet price had a sharp increase in the last few years due to various factors, and like other goods on the market (in Iran country), the price was not stable.

At the beginning of 2021, due to the increase in the wages of the workers of machine woven carpet factories, we saw a slight increase in price, but with the decrease in the price of the dollar (in Iran), the price of mosque carpet  also faced a decreasing trend. Of course, the price of raw materials for carpets (including machine woven carpet fibers) has not yet reached the required stability in the market and is still fluctuating.

mosque carpet price list

Mosque carpet price list

In the following, we have prepared a table from the price list of mosque carpets for you (EX Works); But before you see the table, note that in addition to exchange rate fluctuations, prices are constantly changing due to various other factors such as the choice of yarn, as well as the number of reeds and points of the carpet, and therefore in this table, we have considered the price range of the masjid carpet: (Includes mihrab carpets and border carpets)

price (per square meter) quality level reeds & points mosque carpet yarn
approx 5$ D low reeds & points BCF
under 10$ C 440 reeds polyester
under 15$ C+ 500 reeds polyester
under 20$ B low points - 500 reeds acrylic 100%
above 20$ B+ high points - 500 reeds acrylic 100%
under 25$ A low points - 700 reeds acrylic 100%
above 25$ A+ high points - 700 reeds acrylic 100%
price (per square meter) mosque carpet yarn - reeds & points
approx 5$ BCF - low reeds & points
under 10$ polyester - 440 reeds
under 15$ polyester - 500 reeds
under 20$ acrylic - low points & 500 reeds
above 20$ acrylic - high points & 500 reeds
under 25$ acrylic - low points & 700 reeds
above 25$ acrylic - high points & 700 reeds

To get acquainted with the two types of acrylic and polyester carpets, watch the following short film:

پخش ویدیو

Yarn & mosque carpet price

As you can see in the price list, the mosque carpet price are divided according to the type of fibers used in the carpet, the number of reeds and points, which you may not be familiar with in machine woven carpet and you may be a little confused.

If you are not familiar with the type of yarn used in the carpets or you are not aware of the reeds and points in the texture, then join us to summarize each of the factors influencing the price of mosque carpets for you.

Certainly the yarn material used in the weaving of carpet is the most important factor in determining the price of mihrab carpet and border carpet. In the following, we will introduce three types of commonly used yarn in the masjid carpet:

(1) BCF yarn in mosque carpets

This type of yarn has a very low and poor quality in the texture of prayer carpet roll, so that it will not have any softness after one or two years. If you are looking for the lowest mosque carpet price, you should definitely choose carpets with BCF yarn.

This type of yarn is mostly used only in the weaving of machine woven carpets with a low number of knots (low reeds and points).

BCF mosque carpet price

Pros and cons of BCF carpets

Disadvantages of this type of yarn include the following:

– Roughness and lack of softness

– Lack of springy properties

– Low durability and very short life

Some of the good features of BCF yarn are:

– No lint on the carpet

– High resistance to moisture

– low price

(2) Polyester yarn in masjid carpet

Polyester yarn is one of the most common types of yarns in the weaving of masjid carpets. Since the mosque carpet price of polyester is lower than acrylic carpets and also due to the better quality of polyester than BCF yarn, it has a good place in machine woven carpets, especially 500 reeds.

In general, polyester yarn and BCF yarn, which are made of synthetic fibers, have properties similar to plastic that you should never place hot objects on them; Also, the mosque carpet roll with this type of yarn does not have the elasticity similar to acrylic. Polyester yarn, also known as rayon, is mostly used in the weaving of 440-reeds and 500-reeds carpets.

Advantages and disadvantages of polyester carpet are almost the same as BCF carpet, except that it is more durable:

polyester mosque carpet price

Pros & cons of polyester carpets

The disadvantages of polyester carpets include the following:

– Stiffness and lack of softness

– Beaten over time

– Low stability and relatively short life

Some of the good features of polyester mosque carpets:

– No lint on the carpet

– Good resistance to moisture

– Relatively good resistance

(3) Acrylic & mosque carpet price

The best type of yarn used in the weaving of machine woven carpets (Persian Carpets) are definitely acrylic yarns, which the mosque carpet price with acrylic yarn is the highest price. Acrylic yarns are also synthetic fibers, which are also called synthetic wool because of some of their physical resemblance to wool.

Most acrylic fibers are imported (in Iran) and therefore have a direct relationship with the price of currency. Also, due to the high quality of this type of fiber, they are usually used in the weaving of machine woven carpets from 500 reeds to 1500 reeds.

Most buyers of mosque carpets are looking for a long life and durability of carpets that do not need to be replaced for many years. So if you want high quality masjid carpet, choose carpet with acrylic yarn.

acrylic mosque carpet price

Pros & cons of acrylic carpet

The disadvantages of acrylic masjid carpets:

– high softness

– More stability and durability

Some of the good features of acrylic mosque carpets:

– Vulnerability to moisture

– Vulnerability to dust

Reeds & mosque carpet price

The reeds and the points are actually knots that are easily visible from behind the carpet. reeds and points are the knots of warp and weft yarn that are woven along the length and width of the carpet.

The higher the number of reeds and points, the higher quality of the carpet and as a result, the price of the mosque carpet will be higher. Click on the green button below to learn more about reeds and points:

price of mosque carpet roll

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