Advantages of masjid carpet roll

Machine-woven carpets are produced in different types, one of which is masjid carpet roll. These carpets are designed for religious and worship uses and are very suitable for use in mosques (masjids) and prayer halls.

When we talk about mosque carpet, we mean machine-woven carpets, because handmade rugs are much less available and due to their high price, few people can afford it for the mosque and prayer hall. Due to the cheaper price and mass production of machine woven carpets in various designs and colors, most buyers prefer these carpets for mosque.

In this article, we want to discuss the use of masjid carpet roll instead of classic carpet in the mosque; In the following, we will acquaint you with the features of machine-woven mosque carpet; Before continuing the article, watch a video of different types of prayer carpet roll designs:

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Industrial fibers in masjid carpet roll

Unlike handmade carpets, synthetic fibers are used in all types of machine-woven carpets. Synthetic fibers are man-made and are created by chemical processes. It is true that the quality of natural fibers is not comparable to synthetic fibers, but due to the lower price of synthetic fibers, it can be said that they have left an acceptable quality.

For high quality masjid carpet roll weaving, heat set acrylic fibers are used, which are the best fibers available in the industry for use in machine-woven carpets. Therefore, these types of carpets have the necessary and appropriate quality for the mosque.

use of industrial fibers in masjid carpet roll

Variety of reeds, designs and colors

One of the terms used for machine-woven carpets is the number of reeds. The maximum number of reeds produced by machine-woven carpets is currently 1,500 reeds, but rugs with 700 and 500 reeds are now used in mosque carpet rolls.

Another prominent feature of machine-woven carpets is that due to the use of computer designs and synthetic fibers, the weaving machine has no restrictions on applying color and pattern, and therefore the design and color of these carpets is very diverse.

variety of reeds designs and colors of masjid carpet

masjid carpet rolls & classic carpets

Why is it better to use prayer carpet rolls in mosque instead of classic carpets? We have reasons for this, which we will explain to you in the following:

Suitable color for the masjid

Classic carpets generally do not have the right color for the mosque and you have to search a lot to find a suitable color for the masjid. Also, the designs on classic carpets are common and are the same designs that are used in homes.

But in the masjid carpet roll, this is completely different. All prayer carpet rolls are designed to be suitable for mosque and prayer hall, and colors such as blue, green, and red are used, which is suitable for the mosque and musalla.

Also, the designs of most mosque carpet roll, instead of flowers, branches and plants that are seen in ordinary carpets, are the designs and patterns of mihrabs, domes, columns, minarets and gilding, which are taken from Islamic architecture. These designs are such that they are placed towards the qibla, and the repetition of the designs also determines the position of each person of worship, and thus the order of the rows will be observed.

Since the designs are Islamic, it is exactly in line with the architecture that has been used in the design of the mosque, and this creates a harmony in the eyes of people that will definitely have a beneficial effect on his comfort.

design and color suitable of masjid carpet roll

Appropriate dimensions for masjid

If classic carpets (like 12-meter carpets) are used in mosques, there will definitely be areas that remain empty of carpets, and some will try to compensate by using smaller or side rugs. But this does not have an interesting effect and it is possible to cover the whole place by using the masjid carpet roll.

Also, the colors and designs on the mosque carpets are the same, while in ordinary carpets, some of the rugs or the sides rugs may not be the same design or color.

Thickness & softness of mosque carpet

masjid carpet roll are woven in a way that has longer pile, which increases the softness of the machine-woven carpets. In fact, the softness of mosque carpets is more than ordinary carpets.

appropriate dimensions of masjid carpet roll

Other advantages of prayer carpet

1- If the prayer carpet roll is used, the direction of the qibla is easily recognized by the worshipers.

2- Masjid carpet rolls with a integrated and regular design give more beauty to the interior of the mosque.

3- Since different types of mosque carpets have mihrab-shaped designs, they give a special order and coordination to the row of worshipers.

4- Roll carpet for masjid has the ability to completely cover the entire interior of the mosque or prayer hall.

5. Since prayer carpet rolls can be produced in any shape and size, mosques do not need side rugs to fill in the gaps.

6- In case of damage to the mihrab carpets, it will be repaired very easily and quickly. So that only one mihrab carpet can be repaired or even replaced. But in case of damage to the classic machine-woven carpet, the whole 9 or 12 meter carpet must be replaced.

7- The masjid carpet roll has different colors and designs that according to the color of interior decor of the mosque, the type of design can be selected.

thickness and softness of mosque carpet roll

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