Install mosque carpet roll

Meaning of mosque carpet installation

The purpose of installing mosque carpet roll is to cut and then sew the carpets. The masjid carpet rolls are produced in lengths and rolls in widths of 1.25 and 2.5 meters and it is necessary to spread them completely towards the qibla; And the parts of the carpet that touch the column should be cut and embroidered.

Installing prayer carpet roll in mosques and prayer halls is a difficult task due to the large area and the large number of columns, which must be done by a professional installer to be able to install the carpets perfectly and fit the mosque itself.

The basis of the work of the installers is cutting and embroidering the carpets; Professional installers must have accurate and flawless cuts so as not to damage the mosque carpet.

install mosque carpet roll

Types of mosque carpet roll installation

mosque carpet roll are generally produced in two forms, mihrab carpet and non-mihrab carpet. The non-mihrab carpets themselves are woven in two ways, border carpet and without border (tiling carpet); We will see the installed examples of each below:

Installation of border carpet

Installation of border carpet for masjid

Installation of tiling carpet

Installation of tiling carpet for mosque

Install mihrab carpet roll

The arrangement of mihrab carpet rolls for mosque and prayer hall can be done in 2 ways. You can see photos of how to install each below:

Install mosque carpet in parallel

In this method, which is the most common and popular type of mosque carpet installation, each roll of prayer carpet is placed in a parallel or columnar pattern by the installer in a completely regular manner so that the mihrabs are placed exactly behind each other. The following is an example of this method:

mihrab carpet installation in parallel

Checkered installation of prayer carpet

The checkered installation of the mosque carpet is in such a way that the mihrab of each roll of carpets is placed in the form of bricks or one behind the other. Of course, this method is not very common and is used less because the mihrabs are not placed exactly behind each other. See an example of this method:

Checkered installation of mosque carpet roll

Use foam with mosque carpet roll

In some cases, you have probably seen that when installing prayer carpet roll in the mosque, foams are placed under the carpets. Today, most machine woven carpets in Iran are woven with a thickness of about 1 cm, which usually increases or decreases up to 2 mm due to the number of reeds and points.

As you can see, this thickness may not be very soft for worshipers, so in some cases that buyers of mosque carpets like to have a softer carpet, they usually use a few millimeters of foam under the carpets.

In the following video, you can see an example of installing masjid carpet with foam:

پخش ویدیو

mosque carpet roll installer

As we said at the beginning, the carpets for the mosque and prayer hall are woven in the form of long rolls that are installed from one side of the mosque wall to the opposite wall. You will probably need an installer to do this.

Professional installer of mosque carpet roll are not available everywhere, and most installers work with specialized carpet weaving companies. Apart from the work experience and being skilled in cutting, the carpet installer also has a zigzag machine for embroidering the rug, which is embroidered after cutting any place.

Note that in some cases it is possible to make the necessary cuts and embroideries on the carpet at the company and then send; For example, if the following three things apply to your mosque together, the necessary cuts and embroidery can be done at the factory site that you no longer need to install:

1- The area of ​​the mosque or prayer hall should be very small.

2- The qibla must be perfectly straight.

3- The mosque should not have columns.

Note: Mihrab carpet rolls in the mosque and prayer hall must be installed completely towards the qibla; So if the qibla is not straight, you will definitely need a carpet installer.

mosque carpet roll installer

Reasons for using mosque carpet roll

You may ask this question, why are the carpets of the mosque not woven in the same way as 12 meters and 9 meters, which no longer need to be installed?

The 12-meter and 9-meter carpets do not fit the mosque completely, and they do not have the order and harmony of the prayer carpet roll that are woven for mosques. In separate articles, we have fully explained the benefits of mosque carpet roll that you can read by clicking on the green button below:

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