Polyester carpet or acrylic carpet

Always answer the following 2 basic questions before buying masjid carpet:

Acrylic carpet or polyester carpet? (Selection of mosque carpet yarn)

700 reeds or 500 reeds carpet? (Selection of reeds & points)

In general, acrylic yarn has higher quality and higher price compared to other types of yarns used in masjid carpets. In this article, we will introduce the types of carpet yarn along with videos and photos.

acrylic carpet polyester mosque carpet roll for mosque

Polyester and acrylic carpet film

First of all, we must say that it is not possible to distinguish acrylic carpet from polyester carpet by the film and photo; You need to look closely at the carpet and notice it by touching it, because even carpet sellers sometimes make these mistakes.

We invite you to watch the following few seconds clip to see the two types of polyester and acrylic carpet (masjid carpet roll) to explain the differences between each:

پخش ویدیو

All kinds of mosque carpet yarns

At present, in Iran, carpet weaving companies use 4 types of yarn for weaving different types of mosque carpet roll (mihrab carpet & non-mihrab carpet), all of which are composed of synthetic fibers:

– Acrylic

– Virgin

– Polyester


Acrylic carpet

The best quality yarn available in the weaving of machine woven carpets is acrylic yarn and has the highest price among masjid carpets. Acrylic yarn is a type of synthetic fiber that can be said to be somewhat similar to natural wool fibers in some properties such as softness and flexibility; Hence, some call these fibers synthetic wool.

Acrylic fibers are produced in very small quantities in Iran. For this reason, we generally say that acrylic fibers are imported to Iran completely from abroad, and because of this, the price of acrylic carpet changes with exchange rate fluctuations.

Those who are looking to buy high quality mosque carpet or buy a good quality home carpet and think about its durability and longevity, should definitely choose acrylic carpets that will not need to be replaced for many years; In the following, we will see the features of acrylic carpet for masjid:

acrylic carpet for mosque

Pros & cons of acrylic carpet

As we have said, carpets with acrylic yarns have the highest price, but this does not mean that they are flawless;


Disadvantages of acrylic carpets:

– Primary lint (ways to remove lint from carpet)

– Vulnerability to high moisture

– Vulnerability to dust


Advantages of acrylic carpet for mosque and home:

– Softness and flexibility

– Do not pound over time

– Higher durability against hot objects

– Longer life (more than 10 years)

Polyester carpet

Because these types of carpets do not have lint and have a lower price, they are very popular. Polyester carpets, which are made of synthetic fibers, are usually completely crushed over time by moving on them, which means that they will not have any softness.

Note that since polyester carpets are usually woven with low reeds and points, they are limited in design and color.

polyester carpet for musalla masjid

Pros and cons of polyester carpet

Disadvantages of polyester carpets:

– Vulnerability to hot objects

– Beaten (pounded) over time

– Lack of softness and flexibility

– Less durability and stability


Advantages of polyester carpet for masjid and home:

– No lint

– Relatively cheap price

BCF mosque carpet

BCF yarn is the cheapest yarn in carpet weaving. BCF carpets are very low quality, and usually woven with very low number of reeds, such as 440 reeds or less, and are produced as light carpets, mostly for export to poor countries. Certainly, we do not recommend a prayer carpet roll made of BCF yarn to anyone due to its very short life and lack of proper quality.

polyester bcf carpet roll for mosque

Virgin carpet

virgin yarn is a synthetic fiber with properties similar to acrylic but internal properties quite similar to polyester. Since this type of yarn is cheaper than acrylic, it has been heard that some profiteers sell the virgin carpet under the name of acrylic carpet, which confuses buyers a bit. It must be said that it is almost impossible to distinguish the virgin yarn from acrylic yarn, and you must send a sample to a textile laboratory to determine its exact material.

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