Prayer carpet roll designs

Mosque carpet is usually woven in a roll according to the dimensions of the masjid, which when installed, is spread from one wall of the mosque to the opposite wall and is placed completely towards the qibla.

In general, prayer carpet roll designs include Islamic and gilding patterns, as well as floral and plant motifs, which are also found in abundance in traditional Iranian designs such as wall tiles of mosques.

Structurally, masjid carpet designs can be divided into three main categories:

1- Mihrab designs

2- Border designs without mihrab

3- Borderless designs and without mihrab

prayer carpet roll

Prayer carpet roll movie

All the designs of the mosque carpets are the same in terms of subject and theme, which are mostly selected based on the type of religious place or the taste of the buyers. If you have not seen these designs of masjid carpet together, it is better to watch a few seconds video of the following carpets (mihrab and border carpets) to have a correct comparison of prayer carpet roll designs:

پخش ویدیو

Mihrab carpet designs for mosque

Mihrab carpet, as its name implies, has a mosque mihrab design or a dome-shaped design, which is surrounded on both sides by a chandelier and columns; In general, it can be said that the design of mihrab prayer carpet roll is taken from the mosques shape.

Popular designs of mihrab carpets

mihrab prayer carpet roll for masjid
mihrab carpet for mosque
mihrab prayer carpet roll design

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Pros and cons of mihrab carpet

Among the features of the mihrab prayer carpet roll, we can mention the order and distance created between the worshipers, in fact, each mihrab is for one worshiper (such as a single prayer rug) and creates better decoration and organization in mosque than non-mihrab carpets.

One of the disadvantages of the mihrab design is that it has more discrepancy than non-mihrab carpet; When weaving, a complete mihrab design should be woven, but when installing in the mosque, some of the last mihrab of the carpet should be cut.

Border mosque carpet designs

In fact, the border prayer carpet roll is the same as the side carpet, which is mostly used for spaces that have a very small width and a long length.

The difference between the border carpet of the mosque and the usual type that you see in the house or ceremonial halls is related to the margins of the carpets; In ordinary ceremonial carpets, 2 borders can be seen on its sides, while for mosque carpet rolls, only one border are considered in the carpet design.

Popular designs of border carpet

border prayer carpet roll for masjid
border carpet for mosque
border prayer carpet roll design

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Pros and cons of border carpet

Border prayer carpet roll (without mihrab design) are better for religious places that have less space and a large number of worshipers, because the mihrab carpets usually creates a small distance between the worshipers, but in border masjid carpet, this limitation does not exist.

Tiling mosque carpet rolls

This type of mosque carpet is structurally quite similar to the border prayer carpet roll, except that the side edge is removed so that by placing the rolls next to each other, the medallion designs of each roll are completed together and look exactly like a one-piece carpet.

Of course, it should be noted that some of the one-piece carpets that you see mostly in luxury mosques in Arab countries are woven in the largest size and then completely connected to each other. This type of luxury and expensive masjid carpet is rarely used in Iran because apart from the price, it is very difficult to wash and maintain.

Popular designs of tiling carpets

tiling prayer carpet roll for masjid
tiling carpet for mosque masjid
tiling prayer carpet roll design

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Pros and cons of tiling carpet

One of the advantages of this design is its uniformity, which looks like a one-piece carpet; Like old and traditional tile designs, which come together to bring a spiritual atmosphere.

This carpet design does not have a good order for worshipers compared to previous designs and is more suitable for large places.

Dimensions of prayer carpet roll

The dimensions of all masjid carpets that are woven in the rolls, are the same in roll width. In fact, the width of each roll of woven mosque carpets has a fixed width of 125 cm as standard. The length of each roll can also vary and be woven based on the distance from the wall to the wall of the mosque or prayer hall.

In mihrab prayer carpet rolls, the size of each mihrab alone is between 63 and 64 cm, although this amount may be slightly different for each manufacturer.

mosque carpet roll design border carpet

Price list of mosque carpet roll

The prices of all three designs mentioned above are exactly the same. Click on the button below to get acquainted with the factors influencing the price of masjid carpets:

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