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masjid mosalla carpet - big and over size medallion carpet or rug


Pariscarpet mosque manufacturer factory is located in the middle of Iran, Kashan. Kashan is the capital of machine made carpet in Iran. any persian carpet and persian rug both machine made and hande made oriental carpet are manufactured in Kashan. this factory is specialized in mosque carpet and rug - over sized and big mosque carpet and rugs - and hotels carpets. we also have professional carpet installer for overseas.
for more information you can have a contact by Imo - Whatsapp - Telegram : 00989137292938
phone : 00989137292938


Border Mosque Carpet. Medallion Mosque Carpet. Mihrab Mosque Carpet big and over size mosque carpet and rug


big over size medallion carpet and rug

manufactured in : 700 reeds - 1000 reeds - 1200 reeds - 1500 reeds

density : 2550 points - 3000 points - 3600 points - 4500 points

yarn quality : 100% acrylic heat set - the best quality for mosque carpet in big over sized rug

musalla masjid carpets (mosque carpet supplier usa
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