Online sales of mosque carpets

Online sale of persian carpets

Online stores have become very popular in the last decade, and in the days of Corona, the number of these online stores has increased dramatically.

Online sales of mosque carpets have increased in recent years, like other goods. But you should be careful that buying mosque carpet online is a little different from buying other goods, because a series of information must be exchanged between the buyer and the seller in order to finally weave the amount of machine-woven carpets needed for the mosque or prayer hall.

First of all , let’s watch a few seconds video of the location of Sobhan carpet factory and then continue to describe the steps of online sales of mosque and prayer hall carpets.

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Online sale of mosque carpets from factory

Our suggestion to the board of trustees of mosques or the founders of charity who intend to buy carpet for their mosque is to buy the required rug from a specialized carpet production factory. The reason for this is also clear that usually the carpet required for mosques and prayer halls has a large area that even 1$ less will create a significant difference.

As you know, carpet weaving factories in all cities do not exist and only some Industrial towns working in this field. The most important and largest industrial towns producing all kinds of machine-woven carpets are located in Kashan city (in Iran) before the revolution until today, and today every company is engaged in weaving a special type of machine-woven carpets, including their classic home carpets, kilims, gabbehs and mosque carpets.

Of course, our first suggestion is to go to the factory to buy, so that you can easily register your order by seeing the weaving and also seeing the types of samples in the factory. But if this is not possible for you and you do not have enough time to go directly to the factory, here are the steps to register your order online (in Iran country).

online sales of mosque carpets from factory

four steps online sales of mosque carpets

There are 4 general steps for registering Online sale of mosque carpets (in Iran), each of which we will explain. First of all, choose a person on behalf of the board of trustees of the mosque to complete the order registration process as well as follow up on the weaving of the carpet and avoid having several people contact the company to avoid any mistakes.

(1) Calculating the area of ​​the mosque

The first step is to determine the total area of ​​the desired location, which should be calculated in square meters. Measure the length and width of the mosque accurately and write it down in a simple map on a piece of paper (an example of which you can see below) and be sure to specify the direction of the qibla. Pay attention to the following points:

– If you plan to carpet the inside of mihrab, be sure to calculate its area. In general, calculate where you need prayer carpet, including stairs, pulpits, and more.
– If there is a sloping ground in your mosque, be sure to mention it, because it will affect the size of the weaving.
– You do not need to specify the number of columns, because mosque carpets are woven based on the area of the mosque, and when installed around the columns, it is cut and thrown away.

Of course, measuring the total area of the mosque and prayer hall is not difficult and you can do it yourself easily, but in some cases where the area is high or there are many problems, Sobhan Company has a representative to measure and consult and Also showing the samples of the factory woven carpets will be sent to the desired location.

area of ​​the mosque for online sales of mosque carpets

(2) Select the type of mosque carpet

In the second stage, in order to online sales of mosque carpets, you have to make the following three choices:

1- Select the type of machine woven carpet yarn
2- Select the number of reeds and points
3- Choose design and color of prayer carpet roll

(2.1) mosque carpet yarns

The choice of yarn depends entirely on the amount of money you want to spend on your mosque or prayer hall. Masjid carpets (whether mihrab carpets or border carpets) are woven with various yarns (from low quality to high quality). We suggest that you read the following article about the types of yarns used in mosque carpets to get acquainted with the characteristics of each of them:

online sales of persian mosque carpets

(2.2) Reeds & Points of carpets

The choice of reeds and points, like the choice of yarn material, directly affects the mosque carpet price. reeds and points are the transverse knots and longitudinal knots of the carpet. If you are not familiar with the term of reeds and points in machine-woven carpet, be sure to read the following article to add to your information:

(2.3) Design & color of mosque carpets

The choice of design and color of the mosque carpet roll, unlike the previous two cases, has no effect on the price of the carpet. Masjid carpets that are woven in longitudinal rolls include the following three types:

1- Mihrab design carpet
2- Border design carpet
3- Integrated carpet (tiling carpet)

Sobhan specialized company in order to online sales of mosque carpets, has many designs that you can see by clicking on the green button below:

online sales of mosque carpet roll

(3) Payment of deposit

After confirming and determining the area and type of mosque carpet roll, to finalize the order and to enter the weaving queue, you must deposit an amount as an advance payment to the account of Sobhan Company (Sorayakvar Kashan Carpet Industries). Of course, before the deposit, a pre-invoice will be set for you, in which the agreed area and price per square meter are mentioned.

After paying the deposit, the online order will be placed in the weaving queue, and between 1 week and 2 weeks, the weaving of prayer carpet will be finished.

online sales of prayer carpet roll for mosque

(4) Carrying & installing mosque carpets

When the weaving of the machine-woven carpet is finished, it is taken to the completed part so that operations such as polishing the carpet, flinting and embroidering are done and the rug is ready to be used in the mosque and prayer hall. Upon completion of the masjid carpet, you will be contacted by the company to make the necessary arrangements to send the carpet and also prepare the mosque (including washing), because before installing the carpet in the mosque, the desired surface must be completely clean and smooth.

After the installation of the mosque carpet roll is completed by the company’s installer, a worksheet of goodwill will be delivered to the buyer to sign the form to complete the work of the company if he is satisfied with the carpet and installation and also the work is approved.

Finally, the final invoice in which the exact size of the rug is mentioned is presented to the buyer or the Board of Trustees for full settlement.

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